Hi I'm Kitty!!
I create under the pen name: .farside (read: dot farside). I'm a grrl (it/its) and I write stories and essays for fun.
I draw a little too!
I'm not a talented writer or anything, and I work slowly due to my disabilities, but I enjoy it so I do my best.I care a lot about sociology and politics, and I like birds and cats, visual and erotic art, Nintendo games (Super Mario!), Touhou, and Aquaplus.You can find my writing and things below!
Thank you for visiting my webpage! Ru ru ruuu


All characters in my work portrayed in sexually explicit conduct are age 18+.

Wordpress (.farside shrine)Personal essays & analysis, its really just an informal blog for whatever. Maybe I'll occasionally put a big project on there. (My essay on dоНnа:dоНnа is now on fuwanovel)
Passerine (ebook, itch.io)A short teen drama novel focusing on a girl in California thrust by the Great Recession into the sех trаde to survive. She clings to her friendships and aspirations as it takes a terrible toll on her wellbeing. When she falls in love with her best friend, she grapples with her trauma while accepting her identity as a lesbian and learning the importance of solidarity between women. (Release TBC 2024, had to delay due to life circumstances, sorry!)
CherishA folk horror/romance story in prose poetry. Releasing: maybe. (A very long time from now)
Eroge.FYI (Carrd Wiki)Encyclopedic website on legal regulations surrounding eroge in n outside Japan.

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